Amarcord Gourmet Pub – Riccione (Italia)

AMARCORD Gourmet Pub (ex INNCANTINA) is located in the heart of Riccione, inside the gallery of the Palazzo dei Congressi. This gourmet pub, which offers high-end food specialties and craft beers from all over the world, is designed as an open space on two levels, where the main materials are iron, wood and cement.


On the ground floor the characteristic elements are the partially exposed kitchen (thanks to a black iron and glass structure) and the bar counter, made front with a sheet of iron painted black and side with raw wood and glass to give ample visibility to the food products on display. The first floor is instead designed exclusively as a tasting area of products and is therefore characterized by large benches in raw wood and coffee tables in black iron.


AMARCORD Gourmet Pub is a restaurant designed by Tecnam Progetti, an architecture and interior design studio in Rimini that has been designing and furnishing public spaces since 1987.

Riccione (Rimini) | 2015

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