A multi-faceted space that transforms into the perfect island hub for all things carrying elegant, exclusive design, all the while offering fine drinking and sophisticated dining experiences. Bollicine is the home of unique brands that need its perfect, tranquil setting in order to fully unveil their crisp and dynamic aesthetics. When you find yourself where the heart of summer beats to the rhythm of hospitality, you can only expect to be treated with the best quality, the finest ingredients and the most sensational culinary imagination you have encountered. This is exactly the case on the terrace of this diverse space, where fine dining only comes into the equation to wrap up the most unforgettable, 360 ° experience you deserve. This is where the buzz is. Along with the concept store lies the bar area. Here, superb drinking meets the aura of an active social hub where special, pop-up events enhance Bollicine’s active relationship with the brands it features, promoting the spirit beyond the products, the story beyond each name.

Mykonos (Grecia) | 2015

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