Due Passi Sul Molo – Porto Garibaldi (Italia)

Suggestive , involving and original are the adjectives that best represent the restaurant Due Passi Sul Molo located a few meters from the port of Porto Garibaldi.


The restaurant is divided into two main rooms, both cozy and designed making the most of all the spaces.

The first room was conceived imagining being on a beach at sunset, under an expanse of clouds around a bonfire, thus creating an intimate and comfortable environment, where chandeliers, wallpaper and fireplaces are the masters to best represent the mood just described.

Moving into the second room the feeling will instead be below sea level, the element that is able to convey this atmosphere is definitely the chandelier designer Ingo Maurer, this large fishing net studded with crystals that according to the light that hits them create the lighting effects always different and special, just like the reflections of light that you see underwater.


DUE PASSI SUL MOLO is a venue designed by Tecnam Progetti, an architecture and interior design studio in Rimini that has been designing and furnishing public spaces since 1987.

Porto Garibaldi (Ferrara) | 2022

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