Pasta – Rimini (Italia)

The restaurant is characterized by a distinctive concept that aims to create a clear and easily recognizable image. The predominant use of wood and natural elements blends harmoniously with an industrial style, creating a modern atmosphere with a remarkable visual impact. The lines and volumes present in the bench extend consistently even on the walls, helping to maintain visual continuity.

The welcoming and family atmosphere is enriched by elements of the culinary tradition, which add a touch of warmth and familiarity to the overall atmosphere. This combination of modern and traditional elements creates a unique experience for customers, distinguishing the local from the usual fresh pasta activities and giving the brand a distinctive and easily recognizable identity.

PASTA is a restaurant designed by Tecnam Progetti, an architecture and interior design studio in Rimini that has been designing and furnishing public spaces since 1987.

Rimini (Rimini) | 2022

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