Sapori’s – Zug – Svizzera

Inspired by the Bosco Verticale in Milan and totally aimed at the “zero emissions” concept, the skyscraper that dominates the Suurstoffi district hosts on the ground floor another reality that embodies its design principles and develops them with a view to enhancing excellent food and wine. Conceived to convey dreamy and ironic atmospheres in a green perspective, Sapori’s restaurant proposes Italian style and cuisine across borders, creating olfactory and visual suggestions through its dishes, the products on offer and the furnishings.

The interior design of the restaurant designed by Tecnam Progetti reflects the ecofriendly mood and green thinking in every aspect: the entire design revolves around these concepts, from the choice of furnishings to the structure of the systems aimed at maximising energy efficiency. Sapori’s technical centre is divided into several sections on two levels, organised and state-of-the-art: meticulousness and precision are guaranteed in a system that is unlikely to find rivals for several years.


The green elements used are many, in perfect synergy with each other and with the surrounding environment: hanging greenery runs through the entire room, thanks to the presence of the specially made perimeter channel. Decorating the dining room furniture, made of heat-treated open-pore oak wood, we find stabilised green inserted into some of the open shelves, while an olive tree further enriches the space, emphasising the mood of the entire venue.


At the entrance to the restaurant, customers are greeted by cube-shaped plants made of stabilised green. The floors, made of industrial wood, host small tables with onyx-effect stoneware tops designed with a cast iron base painted black with a galvanised-effect gold steel edge, complete with armchairs with upholstered seats in Tiffany-coloured velvet and black and gold wooden legs. The room, equipped with underfloor heating, also features slats on the ceiling that play a fundamental role in the room’s ventilation system, taking care of air cooling.


The bar counter and pizza counter, which are also made of heat-treated oak, feature the same staggered strips on the front and are illuminated by numerous LED strips inserted into them. In the preparation area we also find worktops made of onyx-effect stoneware. The bar logo, made of galvanised-effect gold-plated steel backlit on a slab of onyx-effect stoneware, embellishes a section of the front of the bar counter, topped by a galvanised-effect gold-plated steel and glass bottle holder.


The light design concept was studied by Tecnam Progetti to create a perfect combination of functionality and irony. To illuminate the spaces we find numerous adjustable spotlights by Guzzini, while Karman’s pendant and support lamps characterise the environment with their captivating and amusing shapes: the models used are numerous and it is enough to know their names to understand their ingenious irony! From the Ali and Babà inspired by “The Arabian Nights”, to the Bacco led bottle-shaped lamps that are recharged every night, passing by the Ceraunavolta, a mix of different shapes and volumes in blown glass used both in the transparent and tiffany-coloured versions, we play with amazement and innovation and let the design inspire emotions and sensations. Completing the dreamy atmosphere of Sapori’s is the Elisir paper by Inkiostro Bianco, in a version customised in colour and applied to columns and walls.


SAPORI’S is a venue designed by Tecnam Progetti, an architecture and interior design studio in Rimini that has been designing and furnishing public premises since 1987.

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