Scalo 34 – Ginevra (Svizzera)

Located near the airport of the beautiful Geneva, the restaurant – pizzeria Scalo 34 is a place that celebrates the great Italian culinary tradition.


The restaurant is divided into three areas, linked by a design and stylistic concept that characterizes the interior design of the rooms in a different way while maintaining a common thread.

The entrance of the restaurant immediately plunges customers into an industrial garden mood: green plaster, the use of corten and materials reminiscent of nature stand out.

The Feronia wallpaper by Inkiostro Bianco further enriches the environment of this first area, designed for quick dining.


The concept of the project is also reflected in the type of furniture chosen: small tables with a support top in green stoneware with edge and base in black metal, small seats with a strong industrial taste, a high table with a menstrual structure with relative Tolix stools, ideal for a coffee break or for a snack before returning to work.

The next area was designed according to a more refined mood that wants to convey to the customer the feeling of being in a city space.

The use of gold becomes more pressing, alternating round and square tables with marble effect countertop with golden borders, adorned with comfortable velvet armchairs.

The Gallery wallpaper by London Art characterizes the environment recalling one of the most famous Milanese scenarios, making the environment as a whole a mix of comfort and contemporaneity.

A dividing planter up to the ceiling introduces the third and last area, a space that overlooks the garden located at the back of the building: thus the idea of making customers feel as if they were also outside.


The spectacular Cell pendant lamps by Karman decorate and give rhythm to the ceiling while the wallpaper depicting a typical Italian landscape gives the room additional depth.

Large tables with an obsidian effect and chairs with a wooden structure in sage and light grey colours, alternating with large sofas in green eco-leather, complete the winning combination of industrial style and the increasingly popular eco-friendly concept.

The three rooms are connected to each other physically through the area of the bar counter, completed in its rear part by a rear lift whose structure overlooks a full-height window that lets you see a small preparation area.

Made of an elegant forest marble and embellished by the use of gold and black, the same bar counter contains a synthesis of the key elements used to articulate the design of the three rooms.

Industrial and green merge once again, creating dynamic, elegant and modern spaces, winking to biophilic design and establishing itself as a style with a thousand possibilities now independent from all the others.


Scalo 34 is a venue designed by Tecnam Progetti, an architecture and interior design studio in Rimini that has been designing and furnishing public spaces since 1987.

Ginevra (Svizzera) | 2022

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