Vesu Sushi Tapas Bar – Zurigo (Svizzera)

VESU SUSHI TAPAS BAR is an establishment located along a major street in Zurich and specialises in the vegan and vegetarian cooking of various sushi delicacies.


In order to emphasise this philosophy, the furnishing design is based on the use of natural materials such as wood for the floor, marble for the bar counter and table tops, and vegetation adorning the wall with the bar’s logo, enriched and enhanced by the gold colour of the furnishings and wallpaper and the velvet of the armchairs and sofas.


The walls, including an old wooden panelling already present in the restaurant, have been painted in midnight blue, a colour that conveys calm and tranquillity and that goes well with the ORIENTE and NIMBUS wallpapers by Inkiostro Bianco. The latter with their clean, geometric lines strongly recall the Oriental world and with the presence of the colour gold, symbolise the Sun, light, wealth and elegance.


The vertical geometric lines suggested by the wallpaper can also be found in the strips that embellish the front of the bar/sushi counter, in the design of the large bottle holder that characterises the wall behind the cocktail area, in the partition cabinet and in the pendant lights, whose shape is a reference to the lanterns of the oriental world.


The design for the furnishings of this restaurant and cocktail bar allows the mind to travel to faraway places where geometries and natural elements blend in the sheen of gold, a sophisticated elegance dresses the surfaces creating an elegant and comfortable environment where the customer can travel with the mind as well as with the palate.


VESU SUSHI TAPAS BAR is a design venue by Tecnam Progetti, an architecture and interior design studio from Rimini that has been involved in the design and furnishing of public places since 1987

Zurigo (Zurigo) | 2022

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